Thursday, October 9, 2008

Creative Independence

Do you remember your PK (Pre-Kid) days or maybe you are in a PK time in your life? Life changes A LOT after kids enter the matter how normal you may or may not think you are.

For instance, I remember looking at parents with total disgust when they'd hold up their child and smell their bottoms. Being PK I thought that parent hit rock bottom...what were they doing...sniffing their kids bottom? Hello. Gross. I'd never do that as a parent.

Well, truth is does happen occasionally at the little blue bungalow. I must admit.'s another one. I remember PK looking in the mini-van and sedan of follow parents of little ones in utter shock. Who in their right mind let their car look like that? Half empty sippie cups, chicken nuggets, odd "craft" projects, a dirty diaper littered their cars without a care in the world.

Well...that does happen here at the little blue bungalow too. (Sorry for those who thought we were perfect, but I do try to clear it out at the end of each week.)

And lastly, I remember seeing kids probably aged 3-5 out in public in the strangest outfits during my PK days. I remember smiling, but thinking why would that parent let their kids dress that way? Come on parent...cute, BUT let's get a grip on reality. Boots over your dinosaur footie pajamas with a black cape is just not THAT cool.

Reality for a parent is sometimes we are just done with the battle and realize that they aren't going to die from wearing what I've termed a "creative independence" outfit. Enter exhibit picture A...Fiona out in public geocaching. Yes. My child is one of those strangely dressed kids sometime and that is OK. (Parenting can be so entertaining sometimes.)

So if you are a PK or in the season of being a parent, next time you see me sniff Keegan's bottom, look inside my Saturn with disgust, or see Fiona in another "creative independence" outfit while visiting the library...just smile. Either you've been there or your time is coming. :)

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean
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