Sunday, November 7, 2010

So Much to Do...So Little Time

Dear Friends and Family,
I am finding a rare moment today, a day in which I am in front of the computer without a long list of to-do's. OK, let's rephrase that...because last month I didn't even have time to make a to-do list...just a moment. A moment without work commitments, home responsibilities, children yelling my name...a moment to reflect. Time to fill you in...

October was a busy month with lots of extra work commitments and trainings for both Drew and I in the midst of juggling our children's lives and major construction project. With the help of our friends we were able to finish the roof of the garage. We celebrated for a day or two then Drew headed straight into electrical work. He is still in the process of wiring the garage and hopes to be completed before Thanksgiving.

As the wife and home manager, my duties have increased with his time in the garage and time away at vocal rehearsals for the Dickens Carolers. I'd love to say the kids and I have been doing exciting things in his absence, but it always seems to be something exciting like completing a few more loads of laundry, digging through the piles of completed school work, bills, and working on homework. When it all gets a bit crazy we spend some time in the gardens or make a spin over the Goodwill just to look and explore.

Fiona has lost her two bottom teeth which will give new meaning to "Wishing for her 2 Front Teeth for Christmas" and surpassed the four foot mark. She also acquired reading glasses which she uses to practice her new found reading skills and math formulas. Her "baby" brother is also growing and I was shocked he gained 5 pounds in a month and I don't know how many inches. Keegan is our soccer star and finished his last game a couple weeks ago with of course several goals under his belt. Both Keegan and Fiona participated in the Y's Fall Classic Fun Run. Keegan completed in the Kid's Dash and Fiona bumped up and tackled the 1.6 mile run. She was excited to run with her Dad and more thrilled when she realized her picture made the local paper. I was, of course, behind the scenes helping all the racers complete their registrations for the YMCA. My work, though busy, continues to be enjoyable and rewarding.

Drew and I are trying to push forward on the garage project as we can't safely "wrap" the garage until the framing is inspected. Ironically, the framing can't be inspected until the electrical is inspected. you can guess it is critical Drew completes the electrical. We are dreaming of matching "His and Her" Garage Doors for Christmas. Now...isn't that romantic? Not your typical gift, but you wouldn't expect anything less from the Britten's.

Well, I must end. I need to rally the troops for a work commitment at the Y. Maybe if I have enough energy we'll head over to the Goodwill for a "look see".

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean
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