Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Life's Pecking Order

We raise chickens. Not a statement that comes lightly from a Midwestern girl gone city, but we do raise "urban ladies". Nestled into the hustle of bustle of life we tackle the joys and trails of "livestock". For the most times it is a peaceful existence...talking gentle to the ladies in the morning as they rush out their coop to enjoy the green grass or reaping the benefits of amazing brown and speckled eggs.
However, there are times when you realize the harsh reality of the cycle of life.

We all make decisions everyday. Should I start a load of laundry? Go down Main Street or take Highway 2? And most of the the time, we rarely think about the consequence behind that decision.

Today I made a decision. A decision to let the 2 smaller pullets mingle with the older flock while we were at work. We have always been careful about merging flocks, especially with younger pullets. We've always acclimated the new birds to the other coop for weeks before merging with the two. So after a month, it didn't seem like an "off" decision this morning to not close the little girl's gate within the larger coop.

I didn't really think about this decision until I got home and saw the look on my husband's face. Unfortunately, a "pecking order" ensued and one of the chickens was badly injured. Though I won't go into detail, I can just tell you honestly it not good. Decisions.

And then there is another decision. What do you do? Meanwhile, two small children are looking on asking you what happened and a husband wondering why you left the gate open. These are the realities of life. After some quick computer research on how to help the little pullet, the family decided to separate her out in the garage. We bathed her head in iodine and settled her down for the night all along with the kids wishing "Hailey 2" well.

Honestly, we are hoping for the best, but are unsure of what we may or may not find tomorrow morning. And then there may be more decisions. Decisions I have to live with, knowing life's pecking order may have had grave consequences today.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean

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Lacey Salois said...

Wishing "Hailey 2" the best and you on life's journey.