Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Change is hard, but is necessary at times. I recently made one of the toughest choices I've had to make...resulting in change. Though some people embrace it, while others run; I guess I fall somewhere in the middle.

I had been restless for a long while now. I tried this and that, (more time in the garden, more prayer, more activities with the family) but nothing seemed to make sense and put my heart at ease. I prayed. And prayed some more and when I finally stopped and listened I realized I needed to make a change for myself and my family.

Though my path is laid now, I am learning to embrace the change. To let go and trust God. Stepping down at work and making my family priority didn't always make sense to me, but is clear now. I'm reminded by God simply that He has big plans for me and my family. I am elated that I still have a role as a Marketing lead but reduced to 10 manageable hours per week. This change will allow me to still make an impact on our community, but also be there for my family.

Though I am excited for this new opportunity, on the other hand, fear sometimes overtakes my joy. Most of these times, it is societal views of  'keeping up with the Jones' that overtake me...that small voice, saying "Really...Financially will you have enough?". But, I remind myself that I've never been about the fancy car or being the best dressed. Nope, my lifestyle falls more into the..."wow, I just made my own dress out of a feed sack and canned 20 jars of pickles". Nevertheless, one has to be comfortable with a decision such as this and I'm excited to blog about my frugal and "radical homemaker" ways knowing wealth comes from not necessarily having dollars but true fulfillment.

Though I don't officially leave my full-time role for a couple weeks, I am at peace. I am comforted by friends prayers and good wishes and know that God will make my path straight. A good friend recently shared a comment from her grandpa via text that I feel sums up my journey with making this choice that I leave you with...
I was praying for you today and something my grandpa always told me came to mind. It's simple but always impacted me. He said the easy choices we make have no sacrifice are usually not of God. Its the choices that cause us to lose sleep, cry and wonder - they are the ones of God. Its then we are putting it all in HIS hands.

Her grandpa is wise indeed.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean 


Unknown said...

Katie Jean I'm proud of you. The hard choices are the ones that will make a huge impact on our families. God is faithful and you will have grace for this season. The fruit that you will see will be so worth it. I love who you are and God is going to do great things with your family.
Love Christy Tab

Joeline said...

First, let me say I wish I could write like you do. Love the warmth and honesty .
I was a stay at home mom when women were leaving mom hood for other careers. It's not an easy decision but easy isn't always the right choice. Your friends gpa hit the nail on the head.
Enjoy your bend in the road and your time at your blue bungalow with your family. Time goes by too fast.