Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Classic Katie Jean Moment

Today was interesting. After finally deciding to take control of my health, we joined our local YMCA last night. We recently were blessed to receive financial assistance from the Y so we could afford a family membership. Our Y opened last Fall but we've been hesitant to join, knowing we would have to commit financially and change our health attitudes. (Ok, maybe just me.) Today embarked on new health changes...a YMCA membership.

Part of taking control of my weight and exercising again has been for me to get over my own body image. Not fun. Really, not a pretty part of anyone's life for those of us that have body image struggles. However I made the commitment. So...with YMCA card in hand, swim suit, and Mr. Keegan we ventured off to the Y this morning for my first swim fitness class.

Even though I appear confident in most social situation, sometimes I'm actually quite nervous. Before I had even got to the YMCA I was worried about finding the right "equipment" for the class, did I have the right time for the class, would my YMCA card work (they were having problems with my paperwork last night), would Keegan not make a fuss and handle the hour I would be in class, etc. (I'm sure you're all shocked to know I actually think about these things. I really do.)

Anyway, Keegan went into child watch great, I found the class (even joked with an older lady when I asked her if this was the class as she commented "Well...your in the water right?"), and began working out. My class was going great and I was feeling good that I had made the commitment. Until...9:42 AM the instructor yells out in my direction. "Hey, are you new?" You've got to be There are 30+ people in the class and you point me out. Suddenly I'm wondering if my legs are going the wrong direction or if I wasn't aware that you have to wear a red suit on Wednesdays. However, with confidence I shouted back, "Yes." The instructor beams and says, "What's your name?" Oh, is that all. (She was just being friendly and I later found out she likes to know everyone that works out with her.) Nice.

Anyway, my morning went great for a gal taking on new commitments. Stepping out of the pool and walking into the locker room I was thrilled to know my first workout was complete. actually 10:02 AM the fire alarm goes off! (A drill...great timing.) What!

Standing in my suit, dripping water everywhere I realize I have to face one of my biggest fears...go outside in the cold rain in my swimming suit and face the public. Yes. dripping water everywhere with only my bathing suit on, holding a little white towel that could easily be used as a hand towel in most countries, I joined my entire swim class and the entire working-out public of the YMCA. (Nothing like God giving you a little humility for the day.) And of course, I couldn't just blend into the crowd as I stood shivering with my little, tiny, tiny towel...No. I knew at least a dozen folks that were all saying "Hi", "Crazy timing for a fire drill!", "Wow you must be cold!", "Hi Katie Jean!". (God truly has a sense of humor.)

After 15 minutes of standing shivering in the rain with just my swimming suit and of course my handy dandy little towel, the fire marshal announced everyone could enter the building again. So...with any ounce of dignity I had left, I pulled my little white towel over my shoulders a bit more and walked back inside. Beautiful! Bottom line...I survived. It was a classic Katie Jean moment.

I just hope they don't have another fire drill tomorrow. :)

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean
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Okay, I want to know WHERE was the CAMERA for this historic event! LOVE MOM