Friday, June 6, 2008

Never Ending Projects you ever feel like you've taken on too much? Just like most state's roads in the summer means "construction season"...the Britten household is now in official "project season". Unfortunately...our projects have swelled and now we are deep into three projects at the same time. Perfect.

Project #1: Demolition of back deck and replace with patio. (3/4 demolished) Thank you rain and more rain...I thought it was summer now in Seattle!

Project #2: Transition Den into Keegan's own bedroom including painting, redoing bed spread and curtains, and moving computer into our great room (2/3 done?, desk sold, computer armoire purchased and equipment moved over, hodge podge still needs finished sorted) Urg!

Project #3: Busted window Master Bedroom, Replace Glass and fix slide weights. (1/8 completed)
Unfortunately, this project got moved up on the list. The idiots that owned the house before fixed the glass with plexi glass and then painted over it. Beautiful. (Someone actually painted all of our windows shut! So we...ah...ah...hum...I mean Drew has been slowly getting all the windows working again.) We had already planned to replace the glass and fix the window for opening purposes, but locked ourselves out last weekend. we broke into our own house. We decided we needed to fix it anyway so our master window now is a nice piece of plywood and we got into our house without a locksmith...thank you very much.

As you can read it is a bit hectic around our house in terms of "biting off a bit more than we can chew". It will all get done eventually, but it takes time. Of course, my personality wants it all done yesterday. But it is hard to move forward without my partner in crime Drew since he is so talented in the home improvement area. Unfortunately he had to proctor exams today and I'm home with the kids on a rainy Saturday. So what am I doing right now when I could be sorting through hodge podge from the Den? You got it...blogging! And that is truly why I am titling this piece the 'Never Ending Projects'.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean

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