Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer @ The Little Blue Bungalow

The days are longer and the weather sweet as we enter summer in the Northwest. The kids and I are in official summer mode. On a given day we can be found riding trikes/ride-on, picking strawberries out of the garden, blowing bubbles, playing hide and seek in the backyard with the neighbors, dusting sidewalk chalk off our shorts, etc. Oh to be a kid again at blissful.
Summer also means Mom is in the garden weeding, picking flowers, and directing summer house projects, but I can hardly complain when we spend our days outside in the sunshine. (This is also the reason why my blogging entries are getting lighter during the past few weeks.)
Yesterday night I finished the Hodge podge basket from the conversion of computer room to Keegan's bedroom. What a relief! My Dad and I painted his room "Flip-Flop" (Actually a bright green...don't you just love paint color names?) last week when they were visiting. We also complied an awesome focal point with all of the old license plates where we have lived in his room. (I promise to add pictures later.) It turned out super cool and for $7.46 you can't beat the appeal, especially for a little boy's room. I don't save anything if it doesn't have a purpose so the fact that I've held onto these license plates for over 10 years is a mere miracle. The results were so awesome I'm thinking about sending it into a decorating magazine...if I find time.
We also finished replacing the master bedroom window a couple of weeks ago and really only have the patio/deck project staring us in the face for major home improvement projects. So...I guess it is onto the next project...entering receipts into our computer. Does it ever end? I'm longing to sip my Diet Coke out on our new patio, but I'll just have to wait a little longer 'cause it is summer at the little blue bungalow.
From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean
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