Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Goodbye to Sunny Days

This Fall the Pacific Northwest managed to hang onto our sunny days a bit longer than normal, but atlas I must admit the last two days have been met with rain. (Bitter sweet.) I've already caught myself dodging in between the car and house and contemplating "normal" activities due in part to the rain.

It is official...our Fall and Winter has arrived in the Washington. Call it what you want...rainy season...depressing...Seattle's monsoon...there is no denying our sunny days have been tucked away for a few months.

So...grab your umbrella (if you're visiting that is...true Seattle folks would never be caught with an umbrella!), an extra nap, and take up your favorite past time. I, myself, have a pile of magazines to read, new soup recipes calling me and my crock pot, and a few designated hikes in the rain in mind.

Of course, I have lots of work left in my flower and garden beds to contend with before our true winter strikes, but for today I'm content curling up with my Keegan, sipping tea, and dreaming of next year's garden and sunny days to come...

From inside the "dry" little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean

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