Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Honestly, there is no secret that the Little Blue Bungalow is big on warmth, but lacks the space most homes are accustomed. Having a smaller space is both a blessing and disappointment, but we tend to look at the positives of having a small home especially when it comes to cleaning.

Creative. The limited space makes our family have to get really creative about our storage as well as brutally honest about what is truly a "necessity". Early each January, Drew and I tend (well...maybe just me) to get the urge to sort and reorganize certain areas of the home.

We tend to tackle Fiona's room first as it is the spot for most of the toy storage, plus you'd be absolutely amazed at what a five year old girl "collects" in her room. Among the favorites this year...a half eaten cheese stick (oh and a moldy orange wedge!), countless McDonald toys, scraps of paper, and mystery pieces of toys.

This year's goal in organization also included rearranging her closet and cabinets to move her clothes to Fiona height. After year's of pulling outfits out for Fiona, we decided she needed to be empowered and able to access her clothes to dress herself without our help. She has been so excited to "choose" her own outfits and as a parent it has been fun to stand back and watch what clothes combination she puts together.

The best part of the organization is paring down on our "stuff". In Fiona's room alone we pulled out 5 garbage bags of things that will be donated to our local Goodwill. It is such a good feeling to know these items will be put to use by another little boy or girl and our house is now a home again...well, at least Fiona's room.

There is always so much to be done.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean

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Matthew's Wifey said...

Oooh! Can you come organize my house next?? I completely lack the organization gene that most people have, but lucky for me my husband seems to have it in abundance! =)