Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Things have been more than hectic here at the Little Blue Bungalow. More than once, I've wished for extra time in the day. Just a few more minutes to finish washing the dishes, just a few more hours to finish a report for work, another hour to cuddle and read books with the kids...in general more time.

As I sit here and ponder I find myself longing to be productive. But, even sitting around I wish for more time.

I believe it isn't how much time you have, but what you accomplish in that time. However, I wonder how much I am upholding my own belief as I sit here prolonging my household duties.

Instead of complaining and dragging my feet about the four loads of laundry that need to get done, I need to tackle them head on and enjoy the extra time helping Fiona with her homework. Instead of avoiding the pile of dishes, I could make it a group project and enlist the entire family's help.

Time is what you make of it. And as my handsome, aka Keegan, is soundly sleeping on the couch I will take advantage of this time and finish a few household chores. Today, when Fiona comes home from school I can concentrate on what really matters...my kids, instead of wishing I just had more time.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean
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