Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Choosing to be a Messy Mom?

Being a mom, you're bound to have a mess or two in your career. Ok...make that too many messes to count. I can't say I've always been the best at "enjoying" the cuteness of the moment or "letting kids be kids", but I'm getting better at "allowing" a mess or two. I once read a parenting article about how as mothers we can choose to be a messy mom. For a neat freak as myself using the word messy to decribe my position as mom, literally put me on edge! What does that mean...really? Do I let Fiona go wild with a box of markers on the wall...NO...let Keegan spill a gallon of milk on the floor...NO?

It means we allow our kids to take liberty and make a mess or two because it shows our kids that we can have FUN. Gasp. Exibit A, Mr. Keegan eating pudding. From a cleaning stand point, it would have made sense for me to feed him the pudding. But I choose to let him "go at it". He sang to the pudding, make beautiful arches on his high chair, and made a good old fashioned "clean" mess. It was cute to watch his reactions and capture some of his adorable moments on camera. I choose to be the messy mom.

I hope you can find the fun in your day too. Whether it be buying the guy behind you in line a coffee after a rough day or just getting on the floor to play with the kids even though your "to-do" list is long. Finding the goodness in the day makes the world's messes seem like nothing...just messes.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean
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