Monday, September 29, 2008

First Ever Blog Contest!

I'm so excited to present my first ever blog contest! I've participated in blog contests before (though I never won) and thought I, too, should give it a try. For my contest please send me your most creative and thought-provoking caption to add to these pictures. All entries must be received by Thursday, October 2nd at midnight to be considered. (If you don't have a gmail account feel free to post your captions anonymous and then type your name somewhere on your comment.)

On Friday I'll sort through all the captions and come up with our two winners, one for each picture. There will be prizes... so get creative and think "WINNER".

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean
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Anonymous said...

#1 So gramps, How fast do you think she goes?

#2 Waiting for the big one so I can barefoot ski!


Anonymous said...

1. Need for speed!

2. Don't hang ten here! The fish will think it is a potluck!


~T said...

#1 I got it from here, Gramps!

#2 It's hard work brinin' dinner home.

Mamato4 said...

1) Full Speed ahead, I see the ice cream boat!

2) I put my shoe laces on the hook but why won't my shoes bite?

Russ & Crystal