Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. Keegan

Two years ago my baby boy, Keegan Patrick, entered the world at exactly 4:23 PM. Most moms remember the birth of their babies with great detail, but I'm not sure one came with more anticipation. After waiting days upon days on bed rest (Fine...two months for those of you who are curious) with preclampsia, the doctors give me the okay to deliver.

It was a day of mixed emotions...finally I was going to meet Keegan and get off this lousy bed rest (Praise God!), but would he be healthy? Questions filled my mind, but I forged ahead into surgery trusting God would care for his every need.

After wondering if I'd ever meet Mr. Keegan, he was finally here. The nurses finished with toweling off Keegan and laid him in my husband's arms. Suddenly, an alarm went off. Nurses and staff personel came from every direction and quickly wisked him away. It was something like in a movie, but this wasn't a movie...this was my son. What in the world was going on?

After only a few short breaths Keegan's breathing had began to fail, his little lungs were too fragile to handle the new world. After that, I honestly don't remember much after that moment as the room began to feel like it was closing on heart literally felt heavy.

The next morning I literally drug myself down to the intensive care floor as I was in immense pain from my C-section, but nothing was going to stop me from seeing my son! The first time I saw my little boy he was a tangle of wires and tubes. Even though I had put my life on hold for two months on bed rest, his lungs were still not developed. I was devastated. (So devastated I even asked my Mom to request no visitors and phone calls...when does Katie Jean not want to talk?)

Honestly, I was a roller coaster of emotions. Instead of holding my son, I was dealing with nurses, social workers and long-term care advisers on behalf of Keegan. It was tough emotionally, but through prayer and an unbelievable sense of peace from God our family endured dealing with a sick baby. (And to families that are going through the same thing we prayers go out to you tonight...)

Keegan left intensive care a week later and came home to the Little Blue Bungalow. It was a joyous occasion for our family and a day I will also remember. Throughout the years, Keegan has continued to have weaker lungs and tends to catch stronger colds, but overall he is an amazing, healthy little boy. Our little boy...Mr. Keegan

Ironically, for only being two years old Keegan has really shaped me as a person. As many know, I'm a "do-er", a "go-getter". To put my life on hold for two months was quite a feat and really taught me unbelievable patience and trust in the Lord. I'm so thankful he is here today. Keegan has the upmost joy in life and he literally "wears" the happiness on his face. There is something amazing about Keegan's smile that always captures me. (I know I'm the mom and I'm biasis, of course, but maybe you notice it too?)

Happy Birthday my little boy.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean

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~T said...

Ah!! Happy Birthday Keegan! And yes, if all your pictures are a testement...he's definitely a smiley, happy little boy (and quite and cutie too!).

Anonymous said...

Mr. Keegan is such a joy! I love the picture of him sitting on the beach looking out toward the water. Things just wouldn't be the same without him! Love ya, Melissa