Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snowed In???

This morning our family woke with wonder and delight to our first (and probably only) "major" snow of the winter season. During the night our world was covered in an impressive three inches of the fluffy, white stuff. Back home in the Midwest, we'd call this a "dusting"...just another winter day, but to the folks in the Northwest they are completely paralyzed by snow.

So as Drew and the kids headed outside to enjoy the snow in the backyard, I fielded phone calls, text messages, and emails of the days events that were suddenly "cancelled" due to the snow and "icy" conditions. (Yes, I know you Midwesterns are shocked!) The first church service at The Rock was cancelled as well as Fiona's Christmas preschool program too since many "neighborhoods were shut in by the snow." Yes, hard to believe, but no one knows how to deal with snow here. Ironically, it seemed as the world had stopped due to these three inches of snow.

Sitting here at my computer, it quickly reminded me of how three inches of snow would never really affect the folks back home in Iowa and other Midwest states. The snow plows, de-icing machines, and good folks would have shoveled their walks before daylight hours approached so daily life would continue as "normal". Yes, nothing really stops the spirit of the Midwest...whether it be snow, floods, or tornadoes. And...if a snow storm truly "snowed" them in, no big deal...time to relax and watch the flakes fly by the window.

Though Washington folks don't get much snow to have extensive experience in these driving conditions or even have one snow plow in town, maybe it is just an "excuse" for the Pacific Northwest to revel in a true "snow day" cuddle up on the couch and watch a good movie with family and stop moving and enjoy the slower pace that God intended on Sunday...Truly a day of rest.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean

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Anonymous said...

Love the snow!! Did you make a snow person?? It was ice in CR, but the two Christmas programs were both great! LOL, Gramy