Tuesday, March 3, 2009


One word...Kindergarten Round-Up. (Is there an echo in the room?) I'll type it again for every mother to get the full effect of the word...Kindergarten Round-Up. (Ouch.) Today is a day met with mixed emotions. Yes, apparently I'm soon-to-be a mother of a Kindergarten and my baby is growing up.

After much family debate we've decided to let our Miss Fiona join the ranks of the public school system shortly after her fifth birthday. Honestly, I think she is ready, but the real question is: I am ready?

How do you prepare yourself for watching your children change, grow, and develop right before your eyes? I don't know, because I feel like I'm fumbling when I give her "more reins". Maybe the answer is that you don't. Life as a parent is truly a season. You enjoy each year, month or moment for what it is.

Every time I get annoyed at a clingy kid, I remember there will be a day I'm begging for them to even acknowledge me at the dinner table. When I'm frustrated with buckling and unbuckling kids out of car seats, I remember one day they will be driving me around town on their driver's permit.

Parenthood is a season...I'm not sure if I'm in Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, but I'm enjoying the season I'm in. Tomorrow I don't know what the winds will blow in, but I'll cling to the fact that being a parent is enjoying each moment for what it is even if it is Kindergarten Round-Up.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean

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Anonymous said...

if only i could embrace each new season without shedding tears over the old. : ) best wishes to fiona in her big new adventure!

His wife, Bonnie said...

The time has gone quickly for Gma too! But more exciting times are ahead .. . .!