Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Living a God-Filled Legacy

Four years ago my husband lost his father, our daughter lost her grandfather, and I lost my father-in-law. Kent Britten was an amazing Christian man with an incredible laugh and a love for his children as well as those around him. Sometimes I can't believe that he has been celebrating with Jesus in heaven for the last four years because I am reminded of him often through the people he touched. He left an incredible legacy.

People often shudder when they hear the series of events that led us to Washington, but I know it was God's plan. Life was wonderful for Drew and I...we had a great church family, beautiful historical home, a new 7 month old daughter Fiona, amazing family and friends, money in the bank. Throughout the time in LaCrosse, WI we had really begun to dig into our faith and grow, not realizing that God was preparing us for a major faith walk.

The last week of February 2005 began a turn of events that I will always look back with amazement. Due to state budget cuts, Drew had lost his job. We were shell shock, confident, scared, and trusting God for answers. As always, Drew was confident that God had great plans for our family and I was a nervous wreck...What in the world was God doing?

Nearly ten days later, Drew called me to say his father had collapsed at the Iowa State Capitol and we needed to rush to the hospital. Two days later surrounded by family we sang, laughed, and celebrated Kent's life as he met Jesus. Though we were all so deeply saddened to lose this man, we know actually where he was celebrating...he was in heaven. His legacy a constant reminder of the way we should live our life...to the fullest, truly making a difference for Christ was something he had instilled in all of us.

To this day, I will always remember Drew turning to me in the car as we drove away from the hospital after Kent's reunion with Jesus. In a calm voice, he said, " I guess I know why I lost my job now." Not fully understanding I said, "What?"

Drew said, "Without my job, I can help my mom. God knew all of this was going to happen."

Drew was so right...I just needed to accept all of this. Four months later, we packed our belonging into a U-haul for the journey to our new apartment in Washington. Behind us we left our unsold home, church family, and family, but this was part of God's plan. We only needed to trust God, take the faith walk he had prepared for us. In some senses, we were morning so many loses and continued to do so for quite some time, but God was pushing us to Washington...for what we didn't know.

Four years later, I can't believe Kent has been gone that long because, in so many ways he is still with us. His legacy is here with my husband, his wife, and sisters. I know I see it in their actions, words daily. What does your legacy look like? My hope is that you can build your own legacy in the foundation of Christ just like this man, Kent Britten.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean

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corey said...

Your post about Kent was beautiful. We are going through some very time things in our life now and it was a good reminder to read of the trust and faith he had in God. What a good man he was. I so wish I could have met him!

His wife, Bonnie said...

What a wonderful tribute to Kent, we do MISS him so much. LOVE MOM