Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Beloved Diet Coke

I had to giggle (OK, chuckle) the other day as I met with my dietitian for the first time and she gingerly "discussed" my diet coke consumption. ( I know. ) Unfortunately, this has always been my long as I had a diet coke in hand the world would go around. So, to learn that this very vice may be inhibiting my weight loss was brutal. Yes, brutal folks.

I'm not perfect. No, I've never claimed to be. I've given other things up in my life, but my diet coke has been another story. Thankfully, I've "controlled" my ridiculous behavior down to no more than 2 cans a day, but honestly 2 is probably 2 too many. So, what do I do? Give up my vice all together or cut it down to one can a day? I don't even want to answer this question.

I find myself torn. There was a time when I didn't exercise or watch what I ate, but my life has changed. I still struggle sometimes with the eating...especially on the weekend. (Some weekends I swear it is a flood gate of bad foods!) But, I'm making progress and giving up diet coke would be just one more step in the right direction. Can I do it? I don't know.

I have lots of faithful readers and have even contemplated starting a food diary on the sidebar of blog. Is that odd, please tell me? Honestly, I know if I had to write it down in front of my readers that maybe it would help me understand my eating habits and keep me accountable. So, if you have a minute...leave me a comment and let me know if I should give-up my beloved diet coke and start a food diary sidebar.

Until then...I write these words while sipping on my second diet coke of the day. (Literally.)

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my this is so me! I love my diet coke. I've been slowly losing weight this past year but still have more to lose. A year ago I opened up a diet blog so I could talk diet all I want and get support that I needed. If you go to my weblog you will see the diet blog widget in the sidebar. If you click on that it will take you to my blog if you are interested.

Brandy Styles said...

Katie Jean...I too was a pop least 1 a day, but usually 2 or 3 on a GOOD day! I am taking medication that increases my appitite...thus not helping at all with the "WEIGHT LOSS" department. I gave up pop COLD TURKEY...and Ive lost 4 lbs in a month. My diet hasnt changed at all...even tho I know I eat more because I never feel full. If I would still be drinking pop, Id have gained probably 10 it has helped me out...I did take a sip of my son's pop today...and surprisingly...I dont miss it at all! YOU CAN DO IT GIRL!

Drew Britten said...

I know you are strong enough to go cold turkey! With all the weight you have lost this year, think how much easier it would be if we banned carbonation from the house.

~T said...

i used to have issues with diet coke as well. i did keep a food journal a couple years ago while losing weight, and it REALLY helps.. you forget about that cookie here, that extra helping of cottage cheese... the small things that tip your calories just over where you need them to be and slow your results. personally i have given up soda - for the most part - i might have one once a month (usually less than that), but i did see improvement in weight loss after giving up the diet sodas. you can do it girl! soda is one of the worst diet culprits EVER - even no calorie "diet" sodas.

Anisa @ the Schell Urban Homestead said...

You can do it!! I think the food diary is a good idea. And giving up the diet soda is even better! You will feel so much better after the cravings subside!! You can do it!

Becky said...

I recently joined Weight Watchers (again—I have done it before and was successful w/ it once) and have been trying to keep track of what I eat. It is a challenge, but I definitely think I do better when I record what I am eating. I am also doing it with my cousin, so I have some personal accountability as well.

As for the soda, Diet Dew is my drink of choice and I know I need to cut back (on a good day I drink 3, but sometimes it is more). Something that helps me drink less is drinking Crystal Light or Propel (especially the ones you mix w/ 16-20 ounces of water). I’ve given up soda for short periods of time or I’ve switched caffeine free, but I can’t imagine giving it up completely, I think I would go into mourning… but maybe I should.

I look forward to hearing what you decide to do.

Graumamama said...

You can do it! Seriously, it is huge that you are even considering it. I am sure that if you added up what you spend on it in a year, and chose something to save towards instead, your thrifty side would overtake your soda side :-).

As far as the diary goes, I think you should choose someone to share it with who you trust and value. Honestly, if it was on a sidebar I probably wouldn't even read it. And where's the accountability in that. I say you should share it with someone specific. Perhaps someone who is pursuing similar goals.

Love ya!