Thursday, July 23, 2009

Howdy Partner!

I've been quiet lately (at least in the blog world). Though I've tried not to ignore writing about our adventures, the last two weeks have been jammed packed with summer fun. But, with the fun comes the planning, packing and prepping. Hence, this late night post before we head out on another adventure.

Tomorrow we embark on a journey to Yellowstone. Everyone at The Little Blue Bungalow is excited to explore the rich beauty, tourist sites and relax as a family. However, this trip is more than just a vacation. This is a very special trip as we will be meeting my family from Iowa and celebrating my parent's 40th anniversary.

It has been a long time since the Anderson's have all had a family vacation together, probably the year my brother graduated high school in 1989. What better way to honor my parent's marriage, by sharing a vacation together like we did "in the good old days"? Ahem. I'm sure my parent's are so excited they aren't sleeping a wink tonight knowing all their kids will be together again.

We are all married now with children of our own. And, as many of you know, kids make everything an adventure. I, too, look forward to the sweet fellowship with "The Andersons" as we enjoy fishing, riding horses, biking, hiking, porch sitting at Parade Rest Ranch. Our kids can hardly contain their excitement that they will be hanging out with their cousins. (Honestly, there is something just cool about cousins.)

So, today my brother's family and my sister's family left Cedar Rapids, Iowa to make the long journey to Montana. (Yes, I'm singing that song..."Meet me in Montana...I wanna see the mountains in your eyes".) My parents will leave Montezuma, Iowa tomorrow morning and we will head out of Monroe, WA at 8 AM.

Really, 8 AM? I'm sure you're thinking this is an ambitious time to leave on vacation, but I was strategic in my planning. We are meeting the carpet cleaners at the house at 8 AM and we can't be in the house while they work. (Tricky...I know.) So, let the adventure begin...just as soon as I finish packing. Ugh!

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean

Reader's Note: The Little Blue Bungalow will resume posting after returning from Yellowstone on Sunday, August 2nd. Be sure to check back then for pictures, stories, and thoughts on our adventure to Montana.
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