Monday, August 3, 2009

Adventures in Yellowstone

Though we missed the Little Blue Bungalow during our adventures out to Yellowstone, we sure didn't mind missing the Seattle's hot spell. Yes, jeans and a coat suited us just fine during our time on the ranch, Parade Rest Ranch, that is.

Only once did I complain, and that was when Drew and I were getting pounded by fresh mountain spring water during our white water rafting adventure. (And honestly, not too much complaining...that is the point of going white water rafting, right?) Otherwise, I was content our "good" Seattle weather had followed us.

A definite highlight during the trip was being able to see my family. Parade Rest Ranch provided a great atmosphere for my family to mingle while enjoying games of Frisbee, fishing, horseback riding, bike riding, porch sitting, and mosquito swatting. (Seriously they were bad!)

Our kids really enjoyed this unique opportunity to spend time with their cousins even if it wasn't in Iowa. But, if you ask Keegan he'll be sure to mention the "HUGE bison that walked by our car!" in Yellowstone. I thought his mouth was going to hit his car seat when the bison sauntered by our car on the stopped highway. This will be something he is talking about for a LONG time.

Not only did Parade Rest provide a great spot to hang with my family they fed us well...possibly too well. During cycling class this morning, I leaned over to a fellow classmate and exclaimed, "It(the food) was like a cruise without the boat!". And it was all that...cowboy portions and 24-7 stocked cookie jar to boot. But, I'll take the extra pounds for the great memories we shared in Montana. (It just means I'll have to work a little harder in the weeks to come.)

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean

Reader's Note: Be sure to check back for more pictures and stories about our adventure to Yellowstone.

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Anonymous said...

That was soooo much fun!
Love, Lydia Zack Allyson Aunt dana and uncle paul

Karen P said...

Welcome home. We missed you all.