Sunday, January 4, 2009

Add Insult to Injury

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. (Maybe both!) On the eve of life returning to "normal"...aka: preschool resuming, swim lessons beginning, library story time, playdates, etc., I have discovered preschool doesn't start again until Wednesday.

Tipped off by a good friend Lynda, she reminded me that Fiona's preschool often follows the Monroe school district and they were having an inservice day. After I got home from church, I scanned her preschool schedule and Lynda was correct. Fiona's preschool wasn't resuming classes until January 7th. (Perfect....just perfect.)

(Sigh.) The last three weeks I have spent with my helpmate, Drew, entertaining the kids with tea parties, memory games, blanket forts, snowmen, movies, swimming at the YMCA, etc. And know you are telling me it just got EXTENDED? Another day. To add insult to is snowing AGAIN. Yes, as I sit here typing we are getting dumped on again, possibly three inches or more and topped off by rain at midnight.

I'm trying to smile, really I am.

Honestly, why I'm I complaining. Heck, we'd probably not even have school tomorrow due to the the snow. The garbage men probably won't be able to make it on Thursday due to the snow, swim lessons will probably be cancelled due to some random pipe bursting, and the library might just be closed for carpet cleaning this week. (Good grief...I'm on a roll!)

Really it will be OK. What is "normal" anyway? I'll be back in the "saddle again" tomorrow for another day of what has become a "new" normal during this "home bound" season...creating our own entertainment. Don't get me is really fun but it just means we have to be more interactive and get our "creative thinking hats" out more then you can imagine.

More pure kid entertainment awaits me...Old Maid tournaments, playing dress ups, coloring, jumping on the bed, etc. Because being a kid really isn't all that bad as long as the adults "play" along...

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean

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Nancy Cook said...

I think the solution here is paperwhites. You need to plant some bulbs - blooming paperwhites will remind you that spring will be here before you know it. Hang in there! Hugs!

my2boys1&2 said...

Katidid - Smile. I feel like you so often it isn't even funny and I don't get to be at home but a few hours a day! Christmas break dragged! Darren laughed because he said it seemed as though I was on an endless shopping spree. I would come home, deal with the noise and "kidness", then look calmly at him and say "I am going shopping". Jayden was sick the first two days of the week, Kassidy chipped a tooth yesterday, and Devin had an appointment with the surgeon this morning to take his tonsils out. We set it for the 23rd! Always something! I hope the snow is over there soon for you! Love you always and I love your blog!!