Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dx: Gardening Bug

I'll officially caught it again...the gardening bug! Every year around January, I get the urge to return to the outdoors and spend endless time working on my yard. I miss my flowers, vegetables and most of all digging my hands in the soil. These days I find myself all to often looking outside my windows upon my yard...thinking, planning, longing. I'm dreaming of Spring.

This year seems especially hard as I still have snow covering most of my yard. In past years, I've fought off the gardening bug by tinkering out in the yard...picking up sticks, cleaning up old plant foliage, visualizing changes that will take place. However, this year, that is nearly impossible with six inches of snow still on the ground.

Thankfully my work will continue soon. Our climate in the Pacific Northwest (normally) allows me to garden February through November and I can't wait. I've already been taking stock of my vegetable seeds, plotting out this year's garden via paper, and flipping through garden magazines. I AM READY!

Even mowing the lawn right now sounds appealing. (Remind me when I'm complaining in July!) What in the world am I saying...mowing the lawn sounds good? Wow! I really must have cabin fever.

I've had several faithful readers ask for help in their yards and gardens with more tips and ideas from the Little Blue Bungalow. I promise to deliver on this request this year. So make sure if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me and I'll try to answer. In the meantime, I'll be mentally prepping for another season of fun and dealing with my "gardening bug".

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean

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~T said...

Feb-Nov?!?!?! I'm soooo jealous! I'm really looking forward to your tips...I've been gardening as much as my previous renter's status allowed, but I've moved so frequently that I haven't had the opportunity to dig in and set roots (so to speak) in my gardens. I have very significant yard projects this spring/summer to get this place in shape...any and all help is welcome!

Anonymous said...

Here at Lake Ponderosa,Iowa, we call it a good day if we can get up our driveway to the road. We remove the ice with salt and add sand if it is too cold for the salt to melt. Oh,I forgot to tell you, we either have snow before or after the rain that freezes making ice on the drive. Last week slipping and falling ,I found myself in a fetal position on the gravel road trying to get the paper out of the mail box. Getting to church was our main activity for the week-end. I was up at 4:30 A.M. salting, sanding, and scraping the ice. Having all that ice, I thought I would try some ice fishing on the lake, and my ice shanty started to move across the lake(while I was in it). Amazing what wind can do! Three inches of snow becomes 1+ 1/2 feet of snow as it drifts in front of the garage door. Having a snow blower does help. Sugar slides down the hill trying to get a footing to relieve herself. The solid stuff slides down the hill. Ice over snow is not safe to walk on.