Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday Thrifty Tip: Buy Christmas Supplies Now

After a two week absence due to the holidays, I'd like to welcome you back to Thursday Thrifty Tip. Thursday Thrifty Tip or TTT was designed to share ideas from the Little Blue Bungalow with the blogging community on creative ways to save money through practical advice. Since beginning these posts, I'm pleased to announce I've had three other bloggers join my weekly postings. Please make sure to check out their tips and ideas each week as well: Tracy, Genny, Anisa.

Though Christmas tends to be one of the most overspending months, I hope you were able to find ways to cut back and stretch your budgets. Today's tips derive from some of the "screaming deals" that are available in the retail stores after Christmas. As I speak, (OK "type") most retail as well as grocery stores are selling their left-over Christmas wares at bargain prices...most at 75% off right now. This is HUGE savings, but remember only buy what you need. Yes, you can't believe you can buy Christmas lights on sale for $1.50/box...but 30 boxes! (Come on...pace yourself.)

As you take down your Christmas decorations take stock on what items you will need for next year's Christmas celebration. Down to one roll of Christmas paper or out of present tags or maybe Billy broke all of the ornaments off the tree? Now is the time to jump on these items at rock bottom prices! In addition, think "outside the box" as you glance over some of these amazing sales. Often stores are selling beauty kits, games, cookie sprinkles, plain red bags, etc that don't necessarily have to be used for Christmas gifts, but could "double" as birthday gifts, Valentine goodies bags, you name it!

At the end of the Christmas season, I also sort through my received Christmas cards and cut off the "top" of each card. Recycled Christmas cards have numerous uses and not only save you money when you "reuse" them creatively, but help impact our environment. In past years, I've used recycled Christmas cards for name tags on presents by using cookie cutters to trace unique shapes, Christmas thank-you's, and making kid-friendly Christmas tree ornaments.

This year, I used last year's recycled Christmas cards and created postcards to send out to friends with the link to my Christmas greeting on my blog. Not only did I save money on reusing the cards, but I saved money by using a postcard stamp instead of a standard stamp. (A double savings!) I did have to buy one package of Christmas cards, but didn't pay regular price...oh, no...I bought a box of someone's unused Christmas cards for $.99 at Goodwill. (I bet you never thought about buying your Christmas cards at shame here at the Little Blue Bungalow!)

I do hope your Christmas was merry and bright! Now...take stock of your Christmas supplies and seize the day...go shop those after Christmas sales.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean

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