Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tea Time

This week was absolutely nuts. I found myself coming and going...over committed and running on empty...pushing myself and the kids to their limits. I strongly "dislike" weeks like these, but even the best scheduling is sometimes met with the "craziness". I'm sure you all can relate, so I won't whine...well, not too much. (Smile.)

Not only was it a generally busy week, I started my new job at the Monroe YMCA. (Surprise!) Yes, I'm back in the working world as a part-time front desk attendant at our amazing Monroe YMCA. Honestly, I am so thankful for the opportunity to supplement our income and be a part of something that I believe in..."we build strong kids, strong families, strong communities". It is a wonderful environment for me to interact with the community and allows me to share my passion about how the YMCA has shaped my family and I.

As we all know, new job + commitments = one busy week. (Hello.) On top of all of our extra commitments Fiona was not "thrilled" that mom was going to be working now. For almost four and half years, Mom has always been home. She is smart girl and knows when things are changing...Fiona needed to be reassured that our relationship would stay the same. So in the midst of the hectic week I stopped and enjoyed a two and half hour tea party with Fiona. Yes, I stopped. Frankly, my daughter needed this special one-on-one time with me as much as I needed it...and we even had "real" tea. (What a treat!)

In the pictures you can see a little girl in pure delight of an afternoon devoted to thimble size tea cups, chocolate chip cookies, little heart shaped cakes, Cheetos (don't ask.), and the direct attention of her Mom. What the pictures don't show is the piled up dishes, clean laundry that needed to be folded on my bed, unmade beds, bills and mail laying by my computer, blog posts undone...but in reality that doesn't matter. It doesn't. What mattered, in that moment was first born, my daughter and some uninterrupted tea time with my favorite girl.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean
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Anonymous said...

I would have loved to be there to share time with the two of you too! Love, Gramy!

His wife, Bonnie said...

No mommy ever looked back and wished that she had spent more time folding laundry :) THIS is the important stuff. LOVE MOM