Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Thrifty Tip: Using Recycled Inkjet Cartridges

Personal computers and the gadgetry that goes along with them can easily be considered "a necessity" in every one's home today. That is especially true at the Little Blue Bungalow where a very technical man, Mr. Drew Britten, resides. With this gadgetry often comes the need for extra money. I was always taken aback and literally groaning when the printer announced it was out of ink. I knew instantly that purchasing new inkjet cartridges were going to "set us back" for the month.

However, my attitude has changed after my hubby introduced me to this amazing company, InkSmile. At the site you can purchase inkjet and toner cartridges for a fraction of the regular cost and without shipping costs or tax. ($$ signs!)

Not only is the company saving you money on their products, InkSmile also has a recycling program called Empties4Cash. Empties4Cash encourages schools, business, and private residencies to reduce the impact on our environment by recycling a multitude of cartridges in exchange for cash. Empties4Cash even provides free shipping labels and PAYS you for each returned cartridge anywhere from $.50 to $4 depending on the type. Hello...they are paying you to recycle your garbage! (Can it get any better than this?)

We currently are saving our cartridges to send to Empties4Cash. (A minimum of 15-20 ink cartridges need to be returned per box.) The check may be only $7-10 in the end, but saving pennies or in this case dollars is worth it in the long haul in saving money and our environment.

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From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean


Genny said...

This is great to know! I will pass the info along to my boss - I know she will find it most helpful since she's moved the hub of her office back to her house.

Anonymous said...

Great tip... and just in time! We're out of ink again!