Sunday, February 1, 2009

Opossum Poo

For the past few months our back yard has been the target of poo. Not just any poo, but opossum poo. At first, I wasn't quite sure what animal was leaving a mess in my (Ahem...OUR) yard daily, but I had my suspicions.

Knowing some about animals, I was convinced it wasn't a dog or cat, but some sort of wild animal. So I did the next best thing of course and Goggled "opossum poo". BINGO! We had a opossum frequently our yard as their "dumping" grounds. (Remember when I goggled about flushing your phone down the toilet...quality folks, quality information here.)

Unfortunately our "friends" leave a lovely "deposit" of their visit every night right in the middle of the back yard. Not to the side or even neatly buried, but directly in the middle of the yard as almost to say, "Ha, ha...we were here!". Yes, right in the middle of the yard. (Yeah for the Little Blue Bungalow! Ugh.)

Besides Drew being allergic to many animals there is a reason that we don't have pets. Really, like I don't have enough messes to clean up with the kids in addition to having a pet. I am cleaning up this wild animal's mess. Why our yard buddy? Come on...have some compassion. Spread your poo around, don't just leave it on our yard. How many of there are you...are you with a herd of opossum?

Enough is enough. Talking the problem over with some friends, they gratefully went in with us to purchase a trap and get rid of our poo troubles. For a mere $10 they would keep the trap for their own purposes and take care of relocating our little friends. Last night they set the trap as our family waited in anticipation for the big catch. And...after a good night's rest, we peeked outside to see if we had caught our mischievous beast(s).

Well, not exactly.

Inside the trap sat a very sacred and mad cat. Yes, instead of catching our opossum we caught a neighborhood cat. (Perfect.) Fiona in a half sleep state came padding into the dining room to discover Drew outside trying to free the cat and Mom staring at the morning excitement with a bit of disappointment.

"Did we get the opossum, Mommy?" Fiona asked.

" honey. We caught a black cat," I said.

"Is Dad going to let it go?" Fiona looked out on the scene.

"Of course honey," I declared in a warm motherly voice.

"Mom open the window!" Fiona announced.

Sticking her head out the window, "Dad, you need some help out there!" (You gotta love kids!)

So...the trap is set again tonight in anticipation of our big catch. We are hopeful that our poo troubles will soon be over and that we don't have another unhappy cat sitting in our trap tomorrow morning.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean
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Erica Graf said...

Katie Jean,

Thank you for brightening my day so very often...

Because I know you to be a person capable of getting a laugh at your own expense, I had to point out this slight error in your text:

"At first, I wasn't quite sure what animal was leaving a mess in my (Ahem...OUR) yard daily, but I had my suspensions."

I figure if you've tried suspending the little varmint and that hasn't worked--you are completely justified in expelling it!

BTW--Paul said he thinks he saw Drew at the Model Train Show over the weekend (?), but he wasn't quite sure and his natural quietness would have prevented my husband from attempting to find out. This would be unlike me who would have launched ahead with perhaps the dire results of embarassing both myself and a complete stranger--at which point I would have simply laughed at myself and moved on! :)

Have a happy day,

Anonymous said...

Good luck! We have a major squirrel problem here. We've lost count of how many have been trapped and relocated and how many have been trapped and... *ahem* "extermanated" around our back yard. We're on our second trap. You'll see the complaints pop up once in a while on my blog. Usually in the summer. So glad we don't really have opossums here!

LittleBlueBungalow said...

Thank you for making my day and informing me about my little text error. So funny. I'm happy to announce this morning we caught one of our "friends". :)
You are correct that my hubby, Drew, was at the Model Train Show this weekend with some guys from The Rock Church.
Lots of love,