Monday, May 18, 2009

Chicks in the Back Yard

This weekend the chicks got their first taste (literally) of the backyard. I must admit they were so darling exploring the backyard and wandering through the gardens. They found lots of tasty treats including: slug, bugs and worms and even enjoyed a nap in the shade.

Drew also got a chance to start digging the foundation for the chicken coop. The foundation is built completely from 'dumpster diving' material. (Yes...we even are thrifty enough to resort to these...ahem...extreme measures. This is something I possibly will address in one of my upcoming Thursday Thrifty Tip blogs...because I know you are DYING to read about it.)

The site is close to the kid's tree house and should match the kid's area as it is a "playhouse" style chicken coop. (The plans even call for a tiny window box filled with plants...a must have for the Little Blue Bungalow.) We temporally had to move the slide that comes down from the kid's tree house, but our hope is to complete the project quickly. The chicks have grown so much in a week and it won't be long before they need a more permanent home other than my kitchen.

The chicks have become quite restless this week and unfortunately got a bit aggressive. We've done lots of reading about the "pecking order" and we are sure this is what is going on. Unfortunately one of the chicks got hurt badly enough that we had to separate the chicks. Now I have two red tubs full of chicks in the kitchen....never a dull moment here.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean
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