Friday, May 22, 2009

Eleven Years With The Man I Love

Tomorrow my husband and I celebrate our eleven years of marriage. Though we share eleven years of marriage, many of you don't know that we met at church camp (Forest Lake Baptist Camp in Ottumwa, IA) in eighth grade.

It was a camp romance that was kindled by faith, love, respect, and most of all friendship. Over the years void of today's modern conveniences of email, cell phones, Internet...we wrote letters to one another. In those heart-filled letters we wrote about our dreams, goals, families, hobbies and commitment to one another.

As we continued to meet yearly at camp, occasionally convince our parents to drive to see each other three hours away (THANK YOU)and have high school activities that we bumped into one another...our bond become even greater. Through the rough adolescent years including other boyfriends/girlfriends, we made a promise to come back after our first year of college to serve as program directors at the camp that had given so much to us both. Even though we weren't even really talking at that point in our lives, swept in the live of attending college...we kept that promise. And as they say..."and the rest is history".

I can honestly say Drew is my best friend and has been an amazing support throughout our years of marriage. There is a level of trust and respect in our marriage that I can't describe. Yes, we have had our ups and downs, trials and wins in our marriages but in the end it has made us stronger. Sometimes when I wonder how these two crazy camp kids could still be together after all these years, I remember that promise. No matter what...I know at the end of the day, we made a promise to one another that both of us will fight to keep to the day we met our creator in Heaven.

I feel so blessed to be Mrs. Britten...the wife, friend, and lover of my husband, Drew.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean

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Sam said...

You guys are amazing! What a wonderful family you have made together and what a true partnership you share. Congratulations on 11 (plus!) years of loving, trusting, total commitment. Enjoy your weekend together!

Anonymous said...

It had rained that Saturday, but we slipped and slid down the hill to the camp vespers point...a lovely setting for a lovely couple. MOM

jennifer said...

do you still have that 8x10 collage frame up? the one with pics of you two at different times together with the final opening left empty save a large question mark? i almost want to say the mat was green and that drew made it for you? it was sweet then, and is So Very Cool to think back on now 15 years later. happy anniversary!

Nancy Cook said...

Happy Anniversary! KJ and Drew- I love your camp story!

Anisa @ the Schell Urban Homestead said...

That is so cute! Congratulations!