Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Son

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Keegan you know he is full of life. With a constant grin on his face, he takes life on through giggles and exploration. His tousled red hair and clear verbal expressions make him a favorite anywhere he goes. He is definitely a momma's boy and I can easily favorite son.

As every mother knows, each pregnancy and delivery is so special and remembered with careful detail. Some of the details are vivid and others fade in the passing years. However, each year I can't shake some of the details that remind me how thankful I am for Keegan's life and the life lessons he's taught me.

Three years ago my baby boy, Keegan Patrick, entered the world. I remember it quite vividly. I waited for what seemed like an eternity on bed red with preclampsia for the doctors to give me the okay to safely deliver.

The first time I saw my little boy he was a tangle of wires and tubes. Even though I had put my life on hold for two months on bed rest, his lungs were still not developed and other complications abound. Our Keegan was very sick.

I was devastated. Completely and utterly devastated. Me, Katie Jean, who conquers the world...couldn't fix this. I remember the looks for the nurses, their quiet whispers among one another and I was angry. Why in the world would I put my life on hold for two months and still have Keegan sick? Why would God do this? Would he recover? Would I say hello and goodbye in the same day? Every emotion imaginable came and went from my mind.

Honestly, I was a roller coaster of emotions. Instead of holding my son, I was dealing with nurses, social workers and long-term care advisers on behalf of Keegan. Something I never wish for anyone.

Though our story is a positive one, it took me a long time to heal emotionally after his birth. When I finally let go and let God led it was finally easy to understand that life from God was not a given, but truly a gift.

We were blessed, we walked away from intensive care one week later holding onto life.

Keegan is full of life...he is a life worth sharing and blessing others with a contagious smile and energy. And, I am so honored and humbled to call him my son. Happy Birthday son!

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Keegan!!!
Love Your Cousins from Iowa