Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey you...?

Are you are reader of my blog? I often hear folks mention that they are a Little Blue Bungalow Blog reader, but who are you? I'd love to get some regular comments on my blog to know my writing and picture taking aren't being enjoyed by just my husband. (LOL)

I need to hear from you so I can continue bringing you quality chronicles of the Britten life. Take a minute next time a blog moves you to make a comment. It really makes my day. Really.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean
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Angie Baumgartner said...

I'll start the comments! Your blog is a special look into your life which is invaluable to me. You have a strong writing style and great insight to life.

I love you guys, and keep up the writing, KJ!

Jenn M. said...

I'm a fan! Keep the updates coming!

Jenn M. said...

I'm a fan! Keep the updates coming.

MerrandaVK said...

Faithful reader here too!

Drew Britten said...

You have such cute kids! I check for new posts almost every day.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog Katie and the smile it often leaves me with. Thanks! ~Stepheny

His wife, Bonnie said...

Your children are the most adorable grandchildren anywhere--just ask me! Grandma Bonnie

I know their Aunt Rebekah, Aunt Sarah and Aunt Rachel read the blog often, Sarah says every day!

rgossett said...

Love knowing that someone else also has a crazy life occasionally. :-)

my2boys1&2 said...

Katiedid - I try to read when I get a chance. We all love knowing what is going on. I feel bad I don't keep you as informed of us.
Love you lots!

Christi said...

It's me! It's me! Oh, wait.

I love that you've been able to use this outlet--it's great to see the progress on the bungalow, not to mention the cutie patootie family.

Cricket sends her love as well. :)