Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"...THAT Strong!"

Fiona had to participate in one of her least favorite activities today...getting a shot. Sorry folks, no amount of reasoning with this "brain" child gets her prepared or "bearable" for this event. Last year I took Drew with me to get the kid's flu shots and he basically had to sit on her to get the job done. (Nice, but true.) Whew...I tried to focus on the good magazine article in the dr's waiting room and NOT on the fact that I was going to have "crazy" kid in a moment when she realized SHE was getting a shot.

As always, Fiona had a great doctor visit. She laughed at all the right jokes, her hearing and eyesight were great, weighed in at 40 lbs (82%) and was 41.5 inches (83%) tall, but as a parent I knew the shot would be the "kicker" of the appointment. However, I didn't think it would be a literal comment.

As I braced Fiona's arms and legs within my lap, she began kicking and screaming with all her might, "NO...I don't want a shot." I grabbed her harder and the nurse tried explaining that she'd get a "Nice smelly sticker when it was all done." (Perfect. What we do for a sticker?)

And then BANG. It happened. Fiona literally kicked the nurse in her arm causing her to poke herself with the needle. Personally, I was a little in shock. Did my beautiful daughter just kick the nurse hard enough to inject herself? The nurse was a bit shocked too and looking at Fiona said, "I didn't think she was THAT strong!"

As a parent, I tried to have Fiona then apologize for kicking the nurse. (No CAN do.) Fiona was not going to apologize to the person that just stuck her with a needle. As she walked away with sticker in hand, Fiona wiped away tears explaining to me "...THAT lady made her cry." Ok...I couldn't help but chuckle a bit. I am positive Fiona is going to be the talk of the doctor/nurse lounge today and maybe even make it into a conversation at the nurse's family dinner table. "That lady"...I had to laugh because I'm sure that nurse was thinking, "THAT little girl kicked me".

From inside the little blue bungalow,
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