Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sorry I Missed Your Call

Yesterday is a day that will go "down" in toilet history at the Little Blue Bungalow.

Picture with me...late afternoon...Keegan is sleeping, Fiona is playing a computer game, and I'm in the bathroom. Finishing my bathroom duties, I stood up, flushed the toilet and began pulling my pants up facing the toilet. (Big mistake here, folks!) As I started to pull my pants up I watched dumbfounded as my cell phone literally flew from my front pocket into the air making a perfect bull eyes into the still flushing toilet. (No time to even view in slow motion.)

I was awe-struck. It was if all the moons, suns, etc were aligned for that perfect moment. ( way I could ever repeat this feat...if I can call it a feat.) But, it gets better. No, my phone didn't just drop into the toilet to easily be retrieved feel perfectly into the base of the bowl as the toilet made it's final suction of the flushing cycle. Whoosh! Not even having time to react, my cell phone was gone.

For almost a minute, I stared at the toilet (don't ask me why) trying to figure out how in the world this just happened. Did I really just flush my cell phone down the toilet? How would I explain to my friends..."Sorry I missed your text cell phone got flushed down the toilet." Beautiful. Another Katie Jean classic moment.

What I did next was even more strange. I lifted the top off the tank and peered inside. (Hello? Cell phone are you there.) Are you kidding me? Like my cell phone was going to be poop doesn't go there so why in the world would my cell phone appear? Realizing it wasn't there, I did the next best thing...stuck my hand into the toilet bowl and "fished" around a bit. (I know. I know.) But, fate had was gone.

Now, at this point you're probably wondering. Is is going to get stuck somewhere in our sewer system? The very thought crossed my mind as well as I contemplated the cell phone's whereabouts. Comforted, I realized I've seen bigger poop from my kids than my cell phone and it had rounded edges just like poop! (Come on now.) However, I still was curious, but who could I call...every one's phone number was in the toilet now. Literally. Huge situation.

So...I did the next best thing. I googled it! Frantically, I found myself typing "cell phone fell in toilet help". Would you believe about ten articles instantly came up and they were helpful? (What would I do without google?) How in the world did my day turn out like this, googling articles about flushing your cell phone down the toilet? Just another typical day here at the Little Blue Bungalow.

Thankfully, my husband, is a man of calmness and grace...something I lack. So after returning home from work, I told my story in vivid detail of flushing my cell phone down the toilet. (Complete with facial expression and hand motions for those of you who know me well.) Being the great husband, he laughed and awed at all the right spots. Drew explained it was "No big deal, our contract was up with T-Mobile and he'd order a new one for free." Thank you Drew. Thank you for not making me feel like a fool because you know, it happens...right?

So...if I haven't returned your call or text message in the past 24 hours you now know the "rest of the story". Somewhere in sewer land, my cell phone is riding a wave today. Well...let's hope or next blog you'll be hearing how Thanksgiving was ruined with our back-uped toilet. Let's hope not because I think we've all heard enough of this crap. (Smile.)

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean


Anonymous said...

What no pictures! I miss your photographic take on the situation! MOM

Becky said...

I found this greatly entertaining. I'm sorry I'm having a laugh at your expense. I am glad you were able to to replace it quickly.