Monday, June 8, 2009

Chicken Coop Done...Chickens still in the Kitchen?

Yesterday my darling husband frantically scrambled to finish the "lovely ladies" new chicken coop. Though the coop is nearly 90% complete (minus paint and some trim work on the window and egg door) at approximately 9:45 PM he announced, "the chickens are going outside tonight!"

Of course in the back of my mind I wondered if dragging "the girls" outside that late at night was a great idea, but like my husband I was ready for the chickens to live in their new home...NOT my kitchen. So two by two we escorted "the ladies" to their new home.

Minutes later as the neighborhood was climbing into their beds, kids sleeping...our backyard was like a 4th of July explosion of bird chirps. Seriously. I wondered if someone would call the cops. Super loud and annoying!

Was it the new surroundings? The fact we drug them out so late at night? Who knows, but suddenly we both felt like it was like we had a newborn again. Where they hungry, cold, scared, or plain just crying to be heard?

We both honestly thought they'd settle down on their new perch, but when my husband woke me after midnight, I knew different. They were still making a racket in the backyard at the neighborhood's expense. Great. So two by two we escorted "the loud ladies" back to their boxes in "my" kitchen vowing to try to adjust them to their new home during the day.

This morning I woke to a quiet kitchen and four chickens looking up at me from their kitchen home. Go figure. I think we got "played" by a bunch of chickens.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean
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His wife, Bonnie said...

That is SO FUNNY!!! They seemed to love it during the day . . maybe you are going to have to record the "house sounds" for them.