Thursday, June 25, 2009

Family Preservation

Overwhelmed with my regular household duties and now a new work schedule, I ranted to my hubby about the logistics in preserving our food like I've done in the past. Having a garden is a passion, but storing and preserving food for the months ahead is and can be a CHORE.

So, naturally I was a bit mystified when Drew mentioned that the entire family would need to be a part of our food preservation now that I was working. Did he remember we have two small children under the age of five? Did he recall the pounds of food we store annually to enjoy over the winter months?

But, the truth is in the pictures! As we prepared to dry nearly 12 lbs of fresh strawberries a couple of evening ago, everyone was a part of the process. Keegan was in charge of washing and handing me strawberries to cut (minus the few he stopped and eat). I cut the strawberries while Drew arranged them on the drying trays and Fiona was the final production stop. Her job was to place the now full trays on top of the food dehydrator.

In the past food preservation had been my "job"...but together as a family the job was not a CHORE, but a blessed family moment. Drew was absolutely right; the entire family could be a part of the process. From picking the berries out in the field to enjoying the "fruits of our labor" when we pulled the dried fruit from the trays, together as family our ("my") chores became a fun activity.

Yes, there were a few more hands to help wash and Keegan did cut into our total production with his "snacking", but preserving the concept of a "family activity" was worth it.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean

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His wife, Bonnie said...

Wish, I could have been there, then we would have been a 3 generation operation!! Love GMA B