Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Thrifty Tip: "Making Do With What You Have"

I'm sad to admit there are times I've rushed to the store to replace a item or thought I needed to have "just the right thing for the bedroom corner" only to find disappointment. Disappointment in the the prices, items and myself. Where in the world does this concept of "want now, must have" attitude surface from? Why is keeping up with "the Jones" such a necessity?

Unfortunately, I had one of those moments this Monday. On the weekend, Fiona had bumped into our toothbrush holder (purchased from Goodwill 5 years ago) causing it to break into several pieces. So already by Monday morning I had made a mental note of purchasing a new one as I brushed my teeth.

Later that day as I scanned the store prices I was shocked...$9.99, $12.99, $11.99 for a toothbrush holder and the matching soap dispenser...$17.99, $19.99! Are you kidding me? I was storing toothbrushes and soap NOT buying socks at Bloomingdale's!

Annoyed, but determined to find a new toothbrush holder that day, I finally settled on a very plain Jane clear plastic set including the soap dispenser and toothbrush holder for $2.99. Now that was a bargain! I wasn't thrilled with it, but I just HAD to have a new tooth brush holder. Right?

Next, I brought the the items home and tried to fit my ergonomic handled toothbrush into a too-small holed toothbrush holder. What? My bargain was a bust! Frustrated I looked at the pile of toothbrushes laying on the sink with disgust. My "bargain" choice didn't work and I wasn't going to pay those ridiculous prices. After a bit more thought it dawned on me...why not use a mason jar. Yes, a regular old mason jar that I pick up at Goodwill stores and garage sales for 10 to 25 cents to hold flowers throughout the summer.

My new toothbrush holder was here along in my very own home... if I only opened my mind to "making do with what I had on hand". Yes, it isn't fancy or flashy, but neither are we. Sometimes being thrifty is learning to make do with what God has given you, even if it is a Mason jar.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean
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