Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Cut Above

Well...after a long morning at the dr's office...we are on the road to recovery thanks to the marvel of modern medicine. Bubble gum flavored amoxicillin (yuck!), a much needed nap, and a quiet afternoon alone with mom and Fiona is starting to look and sound like herself again.
Along with other preschool skills (Yeah to Dollar Tree's amazing preschool workbooks!), we've been working on cutting skills the last couple of months. In the last few weeks, she has been progressing greatly and today tackled cutting circles. Check this out...(only a Mom could get so excited about this!)

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean
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Becky B said...

Just saw your comment on a friend's blog and had to check yours out. Your daughter is beautiful! :) Hope your house is feeling up to par again soon.

MerrandaVK said...

Good Work Fiona! She looks proud too :)