Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"...I Was Running." (Forest Gump Style)

So, I'm sure you're all dying to know about how my experience is going with the Y since my first exercising post back in May. Remember my traumatic first day at the YMCA? (Click on YMCA to read about my funny experience!)

Well, going to the Y has been a huge boast in my being. (Even after standing outside in my bathing suit for my first workout!) I am enjoying my personal time away for from the kids (Yeah to the Y Child Watch...you ladies ROCK!), gaining confidence about myself, loosing weight (about 27 lbs and many inches), and feeling strong mentally and physically.

And yes, these shoes are getting an amazing workout since being purchased on my birthday (August 15th)... Honestly, folks they are running further, performing exercises that I didn't were possible for this SAHM. (Stay at Home Mom) Drew is even trying to temp me with signing up for a triathlon next year. (R u kidding me?) Yes, I'm getting "exercised". Is that even a word(?)...well for today it will be. Katie Jean has been officially "exercised"!

To add onto my regular workouts, I am competing in the Y's Survivor's Challenge. I did this contest this summer, but was a level one. This time I got bumped to level two which is an entirely different ball field. (These people are hard core...complete in road races for fun, swim the Atlantic Ocean...OK, not really but you get my point.) Below is this week's Survivor Challenge for me to complete in addition to my regular workouts. (Hello folks...not making this up!)

Complete an Olympic Distance Triathlon by the end of the week.
(.93 miles swim, 24.8 miles bike, 6.2 miles run)



Complete all exercises two times in a row 3 times this week
Monster Walks (30 sec each of forward, back, side to side)
Bent Over Row on One Leg (10 reps/leg)
Clock Lunge w/front raise (10 reps)
Push Ups (15 reps)
Crossover Squat (20 Reps)
Kneeling Triceps kickback (15 reps/arm)

Perform 3 sets 3 times this week
Vertical Leg Crunch (20)

Plank/Right side Plank/Plank/Left Side Plank (30 sec. each)


Consume 64 oz of water each day this week.

So...if you don't see me around...I'm probably at the Y...and 'I was running'...

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean

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