Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why I Vote!

On Thursday, while the kiddos and I waited for the oil to get changed in our car (Good old Jiffy Lube), the kids and I walked our voting ballots over to local movie theater. (Our particular county in Washington votes entirely by mail!) As I tried to explain what the envelopes held to my inquisitive four year old, I knew it really wasn't sinking in.

By the time we arrived she had completely forgotten and was thrilled to receive "I voted" stickers. (4 of them to be exact...those little old ladies at the ballot drop-off locations are so generous!) Forget about what Mom was doing for our country, she got STICKERS!

I couldn't help but wish that everyone in our country got that excited about voting. I can hear it now..."Yeah...I just got my sticker! Yippee." or "Hey Vern...voted yet? I noticed you have got your sticker. Too bad they are completely rad this year." Honestly, I wish it was that simple. Why not?

In fact, over the years our country has had poor turn outs at the voting polls and many people are not even registered to vote. On the counter point, other countries literally are killing each other at the voting areas to just have an opportunity to vote... to voice their opinion. Can you imagine?

As a US citizen, we each have a right to cast a vote in each election. Yet, many of us don't exercise this right, this duty. I personally vote, because I want to make a difference in my country. I want my vote to count. It isn't about winning or losing for me always either. Even if my guy doesn't win or a levy doesn't pass, at least I can say I expressed my opinion, my vote was counted.

Exercising my right to vote was instilled by my parents and they made sure one of the first things I did when I turned eighteen was register to vote. I'm thankful that my parents vote. I know this because I remember standing in the polling booths with my mom as a kid and her yelling at me to stop moving the curtains. (I'm sure my mom was mortified!) I actually come from a long line of voters and I want that to continue with my kids. I hope my daughter and son remember that my husband and I voted too, that we cared enough about their future and ours to take a few minutes out of our day to vote.

Right now she may only remember getting stickers, but I hope someday Fiona will remember that we voted for her future. I hope each one of you take time to vote in the next coming days. The opportunity is there for you to express your opinions and be counted. Go vote and get your STICKER!

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean
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