Monday, November 24, 2008

Merry Christmas "Early"

Christmas came early to the 'Little Blue Bungalow' quite unintentionally. Last week we received two boxes from my Grandpa and Grandma Havener (the kids Great Grandparents back in Iowa) for Christmas. My Grandma had emailed me earlier that week to say the packages were on the way and enclosed were Christmas quilts for the kids, our calendars (a Grandma has been giving us calendars since I can remember!), and of course our peanut clusters handmade by my grandma.

Via email, I quickly informed her that the packages would be in good hands until the holiday season, but jokingly noted that I couldn't promise the peanut clusters would make it till Christmas. (Actually I don't think they lasted three days in the house until the package was empty! Whoops!) So...when the packages arrived I carefully carried them into the house and put them on our master bed until I could think of a good hiding spot. (We are definitely tight on space at the Little Blue Bungalow and get very creative! Very.)

In the meantime, of course, I opened the first one frantically (OK...strike that...) carefully looking for the peanut clusters to eat (um hum...I mean...set aside). After my search, sitting back at the computer with diet coke and peanut cluster in hand (does it get any better?), I heard a strange noise in the bedroom. It was none other than Fiona peeking into the boxes insisting the packages needed to be opened today!

Hum. At first, I was reluctant explaining the gifts were for Christmas. However, still thinking...I decided to let the kids open the quilts thinking that it would be a great decoration for the holiday season since they were "Christmas" quilts after all. However, I quickly realized as soon as the first quilt was opened that they were not Christmas quilts of red, green, and white BUT actually quilts as Christmas gifts. My mistake, but they were absolutely AMAZING, handcrafted in love by my Grandma and no way could be put away until Christmas. (What a gift...Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Havener!)

So instead of worry about my mistake, I quickly made up the kids beds with the new quilts and enjoyed the extra smiles from the kids. No harm done. (Right?) My kids are just enjoying their presents early on top of their less present under the tree, but no worries. Fiona and Keegan just know early this year (and always) that as they snuggle into bed they are loved. We're all enjoying Christmas "early" this of sacrifice and love stitched into two quilts atop my little ones' beds.

From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie Jean

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~T said...

Beautiful! Gotta love the quilting grandmas! Fiona's is awesome...I'm kinda jealous of all the great purples and blues!